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Cleaners Chelsea works with a team of expert local cleaners in Chelsea, SW3 that specialise in after builders cleaning and can assist you in removing all of the dirt, dust, plaster, and other residual bits. If you hired builders for various forms of decorative work at your home and they left your house all messed up after their job, you can turn to Cleaners Chelsea – we will assist you in removing the mess that they have left behind.

Why is After the Builders Cleaning so important?

At our company, we know how hard it is to return the cleanliness and cosiness of a home after a reconstruction project. Even the smallest repairs can leave a massive mess. It is not just picking up the waste, a lot of industrial dust traps in every nook and cranny which is difficult to be thoroughly cleaned. What is even more, then the entire property has to be fully sanitised since tiny dirt particles, fine dust and other grime can be harmful to you or your family members.

After Builders Cleaning in ChelseaPrices
After Builders Cleaningfrom £21/h

Attention to detail – it’s what makes us stand out!

If you have no desires to spend your free time scrubbing and vacuuming, look for our company in Chelsea and benefit from the after builders cleaning, we offer.
We are a professional cleaning service, located in Chelsea, SW3, and we can make sure your home is cleaned and protected after you have had something built on the inside of your home or property. We specialize in thorough cleansing of the place, not even the smallest dirt particles can escape our diligent technician’s sight- they have been specially trained to remove all debris from the repair using the newest cleaning tools on the market.

Why Book Our After Builder Cleaning Services?

  1. Unmatched Attention to Detail – We are the best local cleaning agency and strive for perfection. This is why we pay attention to the smallest details and encourage our local cleaners to undergo regular training. They are familiar with the latest cleaning methods and will leave your property immaculate.
  2. Experienced Cleaning Professionals – We work with the best local cleaners in the industry. They are skilled and reliable and will take care of each task that is part of your project. You may trust them with your property – they will not disappoint you.
  3. Suitable Solutions for Residential and Commercial Properties – We offer custom cleaning solutions which are suitable for commercial and residential properties of all types and sizes. Let us know about your situation, as well as the size and condition of the place – we will create a cleaning project, tailored to your needs.
  4. Personalized Cleaning Experience – We accept personal requests, as well as additional tasks. Do not hesitate to let us know about your needs and expectations – we will make sure to meet and exceed them.
  5. Open Communication – We encourage you to be honest with us and we will be honest in return. We will provide you with a free price quote over the phone and send you a detailed bill so you know exactly what you are paying for. We appreciate your feedback so please leave a review once you receive the service.

Discover the Difference Our Expert Cleaning Services can make

Join our local cleaning company Cleaners Chelsea. We are your reliable partner for After Builder Cleaning in Chelsea SW3. We understand that your property needs a makeover following construction, and we will do just that. We will get rid of the chaos and dirt and turn your place into a clean, organised space ready for you and your family.

  • The Cleaning Approach
  • The cleaning team does its best to reach each and every corner of your house be it kitchen or the bathroom. They can lift light weighted furniture to clean every corner of the house. The drawers, walls, glass surfaces and different fittings will be polished to a sparkle and will be left looking their best. All you need to do is let us know about the areas where you would like us to pay extra attention.

  • The SW3 Team
  • We will bring everything ourselves including the cleaning materials and all you have to do is give us a call and schedule your cleaning. Our cleaning company employs many specialists who have reputation of the best local cleaners for after the builders’ projects in the Chelsea area. The technicians at Cleaners Chelsea have been professionally trained to provide you with the best cleaning. The technicians are thoroughly supervised, fully vetted and insured so you may rest assured that your property is in good hands.

  • Your word – our rule
  • Cleaners Chelsea team understands the needs of the customers and knows that you are looking for experts who can provide you with professional services for after renovation cleaning. After renovation cleaning service is specifically designed for this purpose and helps you save both money and time.

  • Guarantee Quality
  • Every individual at the company is fully insured. The cleaners are provided with quality detergents, along with modern tools and equipment leaving the client with nothing to worry about providing. The cleaners are trained to perform all kinds of after builders cleaning services. Building good relationship with our clients is our priority and we know that we can achieve this by providing top quality services.

Hire our Cleaning Agency and Receive the best service in Chelsea, SW3

You can have your property cleaned from the dust and dirt that builder bring in. If you have had something built in your property then you know the consequences of it- there is usually dirt and dust in places where your mop and vacuum cannot reach. If you are in such a situation – you must book our after builders cleaning service in Chelsea. We guarantee the complete removal of dust and dirt from the smallest cracks and corners of your home. You do not have to worry about taking care of that task by yourself when you can have our professional local cleaners handle it for you- all you have to do is give us a call.

Experience the Difference we make at Cleaner Chelsea

Instead of spending hours dusting, scrubbing and cleaning your house after renovations, leave this job to our professionals. You will be able to move back in as soon as we are finished.

After the builders cleaning procedure:

The Living Spaces

  • Dusting – We dust all furniture, surfaces and small details, such as fixtures, moulds and others.
  • Floor Cleaning – We will carefully vacuum clean your floors, then mop them in detail.
  • Window Cleaning – Wiping down and polishing all windows on the inside.

Bedrooms and Studies

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – We treat the carpets with steam cleaning, ensuring every fibre reverberates with freshness.
  • Wall Cleaning – We will deep clean your walls, ensuring there are no signs of stains, paint splatters and other types of grime.
  • Cupboards and cabinets – We will clean all cupboards and cabinets both inside and out.


  • Countertop and Cabinet Cleaning – Countertops, cooking surfaces and other areas will be wiped down, polished and disinfected.
  • Appliance Cleaning – Appliances will be cleaned both inside and out. You will be able to use them right away.
  • Sink and Faucet – The sink and its taps will be wiped down, scrubbed and disinfected.


  • Tile Cleaning – We will scrub all tiles, as well as the grout between them.
  • Fixture Polishing – The sink, bathtub, showers and other fixtures will be scrubbed and polished.
  • Mirror Cleaning – Mirrors and other glass surfaces will be wiped down and polished.


  • Garden Clean up – We will maintain your green spaces and make them as beautiful as the inside of your home.
  • Patio Cleaning – We can pressure wash your outdoor area, making it neat and spotless.

Transform Your Space with After Builder Cleaning in Chelsea

Having builders in your home should not worry you. It is true that they can bring up a lot of unnecessary dirt and dust that is particularly hard to clean. When performing a non-professional after builders cleaning you are most likely to miss a lot of places where dust and dirt hide. In order to avoid hidden dirt and dust hire our local cleaners – they are the most highly-qualified cleaners in Chelsea, SW3 and if there is dirt and dust in places you can’t reach- they can! Call us now and experience a wonderful cleaning for a very reasonable price.

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